Nike to Organize Panel Discussion Featuring ‘Queer’ Surgeon Specializing in Gender Transition Surgeries for Children


In honor of Pride Month, Nike plans to host a dynamic lineup of discussions, charitable contributions, and thought-provoking panels. Notably, among the esteemed panelists will be a gender-reassignment surgeon who has openly acknowledged performing “gender affirming mastectomies” on minors. This information comes from a leaked email exclusively obtained by the reputable news outlet, the Daily Wire.

According to reports, the email commences with a powerful declaration: “Together We Are Undeniable.” It highlights the ongoing battle for equality within the LGBTQIA+ community, emphasizing their relentless pursuit of self-expression and authenticity.

Nike’s unwavering commitment to the cause is demonstrated through their resolute Pride Month theme, which revolves around the concept of determination. Throughout the month, they will celebrate influential figures within the LGBTQIA+ community, paying tribute to their resilience and triumphs. This commemoration is particularly poignant considering the recent surge in adversities faced by the community and their allies, including distressing attacks and increasing restrictions.

In the realm of celebrated figures within the LGBTQIA+ community, Nike’s allusion to “icons” could potentially encompass esteemed individuals like Dr. Blair Peters. Dr. Peters, a renowned surgeon at the Oregon Health and Science University, has carved a niche for themselves in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Their expertise notably extends to the domains of Gender Affirming Surgery and Peripheral Nerve Disorders, marking them as a significant authority in these specialized areas.

In regard to Dr. Blair Peters, who has openly acknowledged their involvement in “gender affirming mastectomies” for minors, they are set to host an upcoming panel discussion centered around transgender policies.

In a since-deleted tweet, Dr. Peters shared their recent experiences, stating, “Today, I performed gender affirming mastectomies (top surgeries) for three young adults and adolescents. Throughout the procedures, these individuals had the support of their parents who were present. As we transported them to the operating room, a palpable sense of relief permeated the room. It was a pivotal moment for these families, signifying an opportunity for a new beginning.”

Dr. Peters’ active engagement and expertise in gender-affirming procedures, coupled with their firsthand encounters with patients and their families, positions them as an insightful voice within the panel discussion, enabling them to provide valuable perspectives on the associated policies.

In an exclusive leaked email, it was revealed that the upcoming event on July 11, 2023, will feature a distinguished panel and Q&A session with notable figures such as Kaig Lightner from the Portland Community Football Club, Dr. Blair Peters from the OHSU Trans Health Program, and representatives from the Human Rights Campaign. The purpose of this gathering is to delve into the crucial conversation surrounding policies that significantly impact the transgender community.

Dr. Blair Peters, a self-identified queer and gender diverse surgeon who utilizes he/they pronouns, shared insightful perspectives in a video released by OHSU. Within the video, Dr. Peters eloquently described gender-affirming surgery as a means of enabling individuals to align their physical selves with their internal sense of identity.

To exemplify the transformative power of gender-affirming surgery, Dr. Peters recounted a scenario involving an adolescent patient who had experienced difficulties attending school. Remarkably, following the top surgery procedure, this individual returned to the clinic after a two-month interval, exhibiting remarkable progress and flourishing in various aspects of their life.

This panel discussion, enriched by the contributions of Dr. Peters and other distinguished participants, promises to shed light on critical policy matters and provide valuable insights into the experiences and needs of the transgender community.

Expressing their perspective, Dr. Blair Peters emphasized the transformative nature of surgery, describing it as a means to alleviate dysphoria and foster a profound sense of euphoria and improved well-being.

Nike is set to commemorate the month with a “family-friendly” event known as drag queen story time on July 13, 2023.

In addition to the aforementioned initiatives, Nike is set to commemorate the month with a “family-friendly” event known as drag queen story time on July 13, 2023. The event, as detailed in the leaked email, aims to shine a spotlight on local businesses owned by queer, women, and minority individuals.

The email further conveyed the invitation for Nike teammates to partake in various activations, fostering an unwavering sense of community and inclusivity. Among these activations, the “family-friendly Drag Story Time” holds the promise of bringing people together, creating a space where individuals of all backgrounds can engage in an enjoyable and inclusive experience.

On June 20, 2023, Nike will host an engaging event featuring Isaias Hernandez, an esteemed environmental educator who will delve into the fascinating realm of queer ecology. Hernandez proudly identifies as a queer and brown environmentalist, bringing a unique perspective to the intersection of environmentalism and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Beyond organizing events, Nike has also demonstrated its commitment by allocating a substantial sum of $600,000 to LGBTQIA+ organizations, as revealed in the leaked email. These funds will support various initiatives, including the production of an “LGBTQ History Coloring Book” aimed at educating children and the facilitation of overnight camps by organizations like Camp Lightbulb, which provides a nurturing environment for LGBTQ+ youth as young as 14.

As of now, Nike has not provided an immediate response to inquiries.


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