Voters Reject Bidenomics as Trump Dominates in Latest Election Forecast Poll


The Economic Showdown

In the high-stakes arena of American politics, former President Trump has surged ahead of President Biden by five percentage points in voter confidence, particularly on the economy and border security.

Despite showcasing recent job growth and a slowdown in inflation, President Biden finds himself grappling with a formidable opponent in Trump. A national NBC News poll divulged on Sunday positions Trump 23 points ahead in voter preference to better manage the economy. This comes in stark contrast to Biden’s recent Michigan speech where he triumphed, “inflation is coming down,” coupled with a boast of “creating 800,000 manufacturing jobs.”

Trump’s Commanding Lead

Yet, 55% of registered voters lean towards Trump for economic leadership, with only 33% siding with Biden. Trump’s ascendancy extends beyond fiscal matters, commanding a 35-point lead on border security and a 23-point advantage on the question of mental and physical fitness for the presidency. The realm of crime and violence sees him 21 points ahead, and even on international stature, Trump leads by 11 points.

A Concerning Shift for Biden

This dominance is a worrying pivot from 2020, where Biden had outpaced Trump by nine points on being competitive and effective. Democrat pollster Jeff Horwitt, from Hart Research Associates, voices concern: “On every measure compared to 2020, Biden has declined.” The erosion of confidence in Biden’s candidacy is palpable, as the poll reflects a troubling 37% approval rating — a nadir for his presidency.

As the nation gazes towards the 2024 general election, the poll presents a hypothetical rematch where Trump edges over Biden among registered voters, fortifying his position as the GOP front-runner.

Polling Precision

Conducted from January 26-30, this survey polled 1,000 registered voters, with a margin of error of plus-minus 3.1 percentage points, painting a precise picture of America’s current political sentiment.


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