Tucker Carlson Debuts Highly-Anticipated Show on Twitter with Scathing Critique of Ukraine War and Media Narratives


Controversial figure and former Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, made a splash with the release of his inaugural Twitter episode. In a bold move, Carlson dedicated a significant portion of the show to vehemently critiquing the narratives espoused by proponents of the Ukrainian war against Russian invasion.

Following his departure from Fox News, which coincided with the network settling a substantial lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million, Carlson’s absence has undeniably impacted Fox News’ viewership ratings, considering his show had been the network’s most popular for several years.

Accusing Fox News of breach of contract and fraud regarding the circumstances surrounding his exit, Carlson utilized his Twitter platform to launch scathing attacks on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Republican supporters of providing financial aid and military supplies to the nation. In a curious twist, he even attempted to draw a connection between the media’s endorsement of the war and an alleged cover-up involving the recovery of an extraterrestrial UFO by the United States.

As Carlson continues to make waves with his unfiltered commentary, his new Twitter show is poised to provide an alternative perspective on current events, challenging prevailing narratives and fueling lively debates.

“We’re the ones who live in ignorance now.” Stated Carlson

Tucker Carlson, in his inaugural Twitter episode, dedicated substantial time to criticize the narratives surrounding the Ukrainian war against Russian invasion. Carlson boldly compared the situation to the past experiences of Russians under the Soviet Union, stating, “We’re the ones who live in ignorance now. The U.S. government has managed to classify more than a billion so-called public documents. So at this point, we can’t possibly know what our leaders are doing.

We’re not allowed to know.” He further emphasized, “By definition, that is not a democracy.”

As Carlson fearlessly challenges prevailing narratives, his Twitter show promises to provide an alternative perspective, fueling lively debates and encouraging critical examination of current events.

Continuing his impassioned address, Tucker Carlson expressed his frustration with the media’s acceptance of secrecy as a powerful tool of control. He remarked, “‘Stop asking how we got so rich! Here’s another story about racism! Go eat each other!’ That’s the program. That’s how most of us live here in the United States, manipulated by lies, silenced by taboos.” Carlson underscored the detrimental effects of such a system, labeling it as unhealthy and dehumanizing, emphasizing, “And we’re tired of it.”

In a hopeful tone, Carlson announced their presence on Twitter, expressing optimism about it being a platform akin to the clandestine short-wave radio broadcasts under the blankets. He acknowledged the absence of gatekeepers on Twitter, though cautioned that if this turns out to be untrue, they will seek alternative avenues. Grateful for the opportunity, Carlson concluded, “We’ll be back with much more very soon.”

“We’ll be back with much more very soon.”

Carlson’s candid and determined words reflect a desire for transparency and a departure from the perceived manipulations and limitations of traditional media channels. With a promise of more to come, his presence on Twitter symbolizes an effort to communicate directly with his audience, unencumbered by perceived restrictions.


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