North Carolina School Drag Show Attended by Minors Allows Drag Queen to Straddle Student, Sparks Outrage


The aim of Forsyth Technical Community College is to revise its campus policies.

A controversial video featuring a drag queen straddling a female student during an LGBTQ+ pride event has sparked heated debates, leading a North Carolina community college to consider “revising campus policies.” Parents and concerned citizens worry that minors as young as 14 enrolled in on-campus high school programs may be exposed to sexually explicit behavior. “Where are the adults?” asks Alex Nester of Parents Defending Education, expressing deep concerns over the state of America’s education system.

“Given what we saw in that video, a drag queen touched a child inappropriately. It begs the question: What policies at this school need to be reconsidered to protect minors from adults touching them inappropriately? It’s shameful that there were adults present in the room, and no one did anything,” said Alex Nester of Parents Defending Education.

“The video, which was originally shared by the notorious Libs of TikTok Twitter account, showed the drag queen straddling the female student, and the accompanying article described how the campus’ Pride Festival ‘lured’ students with ‘free food and drinks.'”

During a discussion with anchor Mike Emanuel, Nester pointed out the struggles of students after the pandemic and the importance of teaching the basics, “Students are really far behind after the pandemic, unfortunately.” Nester claimed that teachers’ unions were pushing to keep schools closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the current academic and emotional struggles of students. “Students are struggling academically and emotionally, and yet, what does this college do? Put on a pride event and have a drag queen there for students,” Nester added, referring to the controversial incident at Forsyth Technical Community College.

Drag queen “Pickle” reads from a book during the Drag Queen Story Hour program at the West Valley Regional Branch Library, July 26, 2019, in Los Angeles. (David McNew / Getty Images)

According to visual evidence captured by the Forsyth Tech PRIDE Club on Facebook, at least one Christian denomination, the Parkway United Church of Christ, was among the attendees at the recent event. A notable contribution to the event was the Prevent Ongoing Spread of STIs Everywhere (POSSE) program, an initiative of the Forsyth County Health Department that established a complimentary HIV and STI testing station at the venue. POSSE also took to social media and actively advertised the event on their Facebook page.

At least one Christian church, Parkway United Church of Christ, attended the event, as per photos posted by the Forsyth Tech PRIDE Club on Facebook. Additionally, the Prevent Ongoing Spread of STIs Everywhere (POSSE), a program of the Forsyth County Health Department, provided a free HIV and STI testing station at the event, which they actively promoted on their Facebook page, stating “So excited to be apart (sic) of Forsyth Tech’s PRIDE Fest!”

Responding to allegations regarding the event, Forsyth Public Health Director Joshua Swift confirmed that POSSE spent $58 in taxpayer funds on supplies for the event. However, he also disavowed any actions that may have taken place, stating “We disavow the actions that allegedly took place.” Swift further explained that POSSE, as an outreach section of Forsyth County’s Department of Public Health, is committed to providing support to the communities they serve.

He said, “Our staff is committed to meeting the people we serve where they are. We believe we assign an appropriate amount of attention on the LGBTQIA community around education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.”


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