Christian School Arms Staff in Bold Stand Against Active Shooter Menace


A Bold Decision for Safety

In a groundbreaking move, Siouxland Christian School in Sioux City, Iowa, has taken a decisive step towards enhancing school safety. The fully accredited private Christian institution recently notified parents that selected staff members will now be armed on campus. This decision aims to shield both teachers and students from the ever-increasing threat of active shooter events.

“It is an unfortunate reality that schools have become the target of those who wish to do evil,” Laurich expressed in a letter to parents.

Superintendent Lindsay Laurich detailed the school’s year-long journey towards this significant policy change. “It is an unfortunate reality that schools have become the target of those who wish to do evil,” Laurich expressed in a letter to parents, highlighting the urgency of the situation. This decision wasn’t made lightly, as Laurich admitted, but born out of necessity in today’s increasingly unpredictable environment.

A Strategy of Defense and Deterrence

Trained staff, whose identities will remain confidential, have been prepared to confront potential threats head-on. This strategy allows students and teachers to seek safety while waiting for law enforcement’s arrival. The exact number of participating employees remains undisclosed, a move to maintain an element of unpredictability and security.

Responding to a National Concern

This proactive measure by the Siouxland Christian School comes in the wake of a harrowing incident at Perry Middle and High School, where a trans-identifying 17-year-old student tragically opened fire.

“We pray for the community of Perry, Iowa,” Laurich stated, acknowledging the recent shooting’s impact.

In crafting this armed response plan, the school consulted extensively with law enforcement, insurance carriers, legal advisors, and industry professionals. Laurich reassures parents, “With God’s help this layer of protection will never need to be deployed.”

Reflection from the Superintendent

Reflecting on her own journey, Laurich shares, “When I entered the teaching profession, it was unimaginable that someone would shoot students and teachers in a school.” This statement underlines the drastic shift in the educational landscape, prompting such a significant policy change.

A Community’s Response to Rising Threats

Laurich’s communication with Fox News Digital revealed a worrying trend: since the start of the new year, the school has witnessed four incidents with seven victims. This statistic underscores the urgency and relevance of the school’s decision to arm staff members.

In conclusion, Siouxland Christian School’s initiative to arm selected staff is a testament to the changing times and the necessity for educational institutions to adapt proactively. While this decision may have been difficult, it reflects a commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of students and educators in a world where threats can unfortunately occur within the walls of a school.


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