California Mall Chaos Over Skull-Painted Toilet Bomb Claim


Mall Bomb Scare Unfolds

A chilling incident unfolded in a California mall when a young man allegedly planted a toilet adorned with skull designs, sparking a bomb scare. Timothy Taratchila, 22, is believed to have set the bizarre spectacle outside The Americana at Brand shopping center in Glendale around 8 p.m. last Thursday.

The toilet, not something one expects to see outside a popular shopping destination, was painted in a stark red hue, featuring two prominent skull illustrations and the cryptic word “attempt.”

“An object resembling a toilet was left on the property, along with a note indicating the object was a bomb.” said the Glendale Police Department

According to the Glendale Police Department, “An object resembling a toilet was left on the property, along with a note indicating the object was a bomb.”

This suspicious activity led to the swift evacuation of the bustling mall. In a bid to ensure public safety, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad made their presence felt. Aerial footage captured an officer dressed in a blast-resistant suit examining the perplexing toilet closely.

Three nail-biting hours later, the expert bomb squad finally declared the area safe, confirming that the toilet posed no threat.

Suspect Quickly Identified and Detained

Vigilant detectives managed to pinpoint Taratchila as the main suspect, thanks to sharp surveillance videos and invaluable tips from eyewitnesses. The Burbank resident was taken into custody that very night, facing charges of making a baseless bomb threat. His bail has been set at $15,000.

Caruso Properties, proprietors of The Americana at Brand shopping mall, swiftly remarked, “Earlier this evening, a suspicious item and note were left at The Americana at Brand. As part of our security protocols, our team immediately contacted the Glendale Police Department who swiftly arrived on site, secured the area and cleared the item.”

Expressing gratitude, the city of Glendale lauded the efforts, saying, “Thank you to our law enforcement partners, LASD, for their assistance with determining the device was safe and to the Burbank Police Department for assisting with locating the suspect.”

“Do not tolerate criminal activity on our properties” stated Caruso Properties

The Caruso spokesperson reinforced their commitment to public safety, highlighting that they “do not tolerate criminal activity on our properties” and pledged to ensure the continued safety of everyone involved.



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