George Takei Draws Parallels Between GOP Policies to Protect Children from Genital Mutilation to ‘Dark Forces’ that led to the Holocaust


Luminous Star Trek Legacy

Once an iconic figure from the 1960s “Star Trek”, George Takei has evolved into an influential LGBT advocate and fervent Biden supporter. His activism has often been a magnet for controversy.

Takei, 86, recently ruffled feathers by defending some LGBT activists’ actions at a Seattle pride parade and his remarks about Sen. Marco Rubio. He also drew parallels between the U.S. detention centers and the concentration camps of WWII.

A Controversial Analogy

Last week, the actor compared the Republican agenda, which advocates against specific treatments for children, to the terrifying events of the Japanese-American internment and the European Holocaust’s tragedies.

In a poignant article for the Daily Beast, Takei revisits his family’s forced wartime move from Los Angeles to an Arkansas internment camp. He articulates that such historical events remind him of “scapegoating” – using a group as an easy target for politicians to stir up emotions and gain traction. In his eyes, today’s LGBT community faces similar marginalization.

Takei calls out politicians like Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, accusing them of weaponizing outdated stereotypes against the LGBT community.

These politicians have targeted inclusive educational resources, supportive retail stores, and even banned certain trans medical care, which Takei labels as “deliberately cruel.”

Legal Protections or Political Moves?

The GOP has initiated laws in over 18 states barring kids from specific medical procedures. Despite roadblocks in states like Georgia, Alabama recently reinforced a law preventing irreversible treatments for children after overturning an earlier injunction.

The core intention behind these legislations, as per proponents, is to prevent young individuals from experiencing the devastating repercussions faced by people like Daniel Black, who expressed deep regret post undergoing significant medical procedures.

Voices of de-transitioners like Layla Jane, who underwent intense treatments at a young age, and Michelle Zacchigna, dealing with the irreversible consequences of her decisions, echo the complexity and sensitivity of this debate.

Drawing Historic Parallels

Takei emphasizes that policies opposing gender ideology and LGBT rights might lead us down a dark path similar to some of history’s most somber chapters. In his closing words, he underscores the importance of the upcoming electoral decisions, urging all to vote as if their very existence hinged on it.



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