Rapper/Activist Killer Mike Affirms: Gun Control Won’t Halt Violence


Renowned Artist Argues Criminals Won’t Abide by Laws, Urges Focus on Existing Legislation

Renowned rapper and activist Killer Mike, born Michael Render, passionately conveyed his stance against the implementation of new gun laws as a means to address the escalating gun violence in Atlanta, Georgia. In an interview with TMZ, Killer Mike emphasized that “criminals are not going to follow” such legislation, advocating for a different approach to tackle the issue.

“Criminals are not going to follow.” says Killer Mike

Atlanta, Killer Mike’s hometown, has been gripped by a distressing surge in gun violence, with a staggering 66 shooting deaths recorded from the beginning of 2023 until May. Tragically, the majority of these fatalities—56 in total—involve black men, according to CBS News.

Unwavering Support for the Second Amendment

During the interview, TMZ’s Harvey Levin reminded Killer Mike of his opposition to any new gun control laws, to which the rapper firmly responded, “I’m a strong proponent for [the] Second Amendment, people know that.” He expressed his belief that the existing laws are sufficient to address the current situation, as he stated, “I think that there are enough laws on the books to take care of what’s already out there. Criminals are not going to follow a law anyway.”

“I’m a strong proponent for [the] Second Amendment, people know that.” Killer Mike said

Killer Mike has been vocal about the importance of education and responsible gun ownership within black families. He encourages families to be knowledgeable about firearms and advocates for each family to own five guns. As he stated, “You should have a revolver, semi-automatic pistol, you should have a shotgun, you should have one bolt-action rifle, and you should have a semi-automatic rifle.”

In response to a question regarding his preference for military-style rifles, Killer Mike explained the distinction, emphasizing, “I said semi-automatic, military is fully automatic, so it’s not military. It just looks cool. It can look like a race car, but it doesn’t go 200 miles an hour.” Render, known for his past support of Bernie Sanders, firmly believes in adhering to the rules set forth by the Constitution, without deviation or compromise.

As discussions about imposing curfews continue in Georgia counties, Killer Mike shared his perspective based on personal experience. Reflecting on the ’80s, when Atlanta implemented a seven o’clock curfew for kids due to the “missing murdered boys” case, the rapper expressed openness to curfews for minors. He believes that parents and children should be in the same place during certain hours, ensuring their safety and parental supervision.

A New Chapter: Tour and Album Release

Amidst his thought-provoking activism, Killer Mike is currently promoting a highly anticipated tour and his first solo album in over a decade. His powerful insights on gun control, existing legislation, and the significance of responsible gun ownership continue to ignite conversations and challenge conventional narratives.


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