Lawsuit Claims School Retaliated Against Mothers Questioning Leftist Curriculum, Reports Then to FBI


Ohio Private School Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Retaliation Campaign

Parents Accuse School of Indoctrination and Attempt to Destroy Reputation.

An Ohio private school is facing a lawsuit filed by two mothers who allege that the school initiated a retaliation campaign against them and their children after they raised concerns about the institution’s leftist curriculum. Amy Gonzalez and Andrea Gross claim that Columbus Academy went as far as reporting them to the FBI and attempting to tarnish their reputations.

Overreaction and Indoctrination Concerns

According to the complaint filed on June 12, the school’s administration responded with an alarming overreaction to the parents’ questions regarding the critical race theory curriculum and other instructional materials they believed amounted to indoctrination.

Gross explained, “An overreaction of calling the police on us, alerting almost 900 faculty members that they had alerted the FBI that we were dangerous. Just things that were so far beyond the pale that it would lead one to ask why? Why is the reaction so extreme?”

The lawsuit also claimed that politically charged issues were routinely taught and discussed in the classroom without presenting opposing viewpoints, thereby stifling healthy debate. In one instance, a teacher allegedly stated that they “would not communicate with any student who supported President Trump.”

“Would not communicate with any student who supported President Trump.” a Teacher allegedly stated.

The repercussions of the school’s alleged retaliation were significant, with Gross revealing that her daughter was forced to enroll in another school out of state. The situation also created considerable tension within the community, as students were subjected to intimidation and bullying based on their political beliefs, as outlined in a public letter addressed to the school.

False Reports and Coordinated Efforts

The complaint further accused school officials of filing a false police report against the parent plaintiffs and notifying teachers during a meeting that they had reported the mothers to the FBI. The hostile environment during the meeting was exemplified by a faculty member asking if the children should be treated differently and another faculty member suggesting the presence of a “mole.”

Alleged Retaliation and Financial Wrongdoing

The lawsuit characterized the school’s treatment of the parent plaintiffs and their children as “vicious,” claiming that the actions, including invoking governmental agencies, disseminating false information, and engaging in a coordinated effort to destroy their reputations, were a means of retaliation to prevent further inquiry into possible financial wrongdoing by the school.

School Denies Allegations

Columbus Academy has vehemently denied the allegations made by the mothers, stating that the claims lack any legal merit or factual basis.

In response to the accusations, the school referred to a previous statement that emphasized the potential consequences for any parent who engages in a public campaign of false and harmful statements detrimental to the employees, reputation, or financial stability of Columbus Academy.


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