Feinstein Confused as Kamala Harris Takes Charge in Senate: A Surprising Twist Leaves Her Utterly Bewildered: ‘What is She Doing Here?’


Explosive New York Times Report Reveals Startling Cognitive Challenges of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sparking Outrage at Her Senate Return

A shocking exposé published by The New York Times has shed light on the extent of the cognitive limitations afflicting Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), inciting a wave of anger and disbelief as she resurfaces in the Senate.

According to the meticulously documented report, Feinstein’s confusion reached its pinnacle when she witnessed Vice President Kamala Harris assuming the role of presiding over the Senate—an official duty within her office.

This bewildering incident unfolded just last year, during one of the rare instances where Harris exercised her voting power to break a tie between the Republicans and Democrats, thereby revealing the depth of Feinstein’s perplexity.

“What is she doing here?” stated Feinstein.

In a moment of utter bewilderment, the 89-year-old senator reportedly turned to an aide and uttered the now-infamous words, “What is she doing here?” in reference to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Detractors have vehemently criticized Feinstein, accusing her reluctance to retire of obstructing President Biden’s pursuit of appointing progressive judges to key judicial vacancies. While she declared in February that she would not seek another term, she asserted her commitment to serving until the conclusion of her current tenure.

Feinstein’s health also became a topic of concern as she endured a challenging bout of shingles, leading to her hospitalization in March. However, her resilient spirit saw her make a remarkable return to Congress in early May, determined to fulfill her duties.

In a disconcerting interaction with journalists, Feinstein made a perplexing insinuation that suggested she had no recollection of being absent from Congress.

“I haven’t been gone,” Feinstein insisted, raising eyebrows among those present. “You should… I haven’t been gone. I’ve been working.”

Perplexed by her response, a reporter probed further, seeking clarification: “Are you implying that you’ve been working from home?”

The question hung in the air, underscoring the growing curiosity and concern surrounding Feinstein’s recent statements and actions.

With a touch of agitation, Feinstein retorted, “No, I’ve been here. I’ve been voting. Please, you either know or don’t know.”

Her response, laced with a sense of frustration, sought to dismiss any doubts about her presence and involvement in Senate affairs. Yet, it only deepened the intrigue surrounding her recent actions.

A recent poll conducted in California has yielded startling results, revealing that a staggering 67% of respondents believe Feinstein’s illness has rendered her unfit for her position, while a mere 20% expressed disagreement. When asked whether she should step down from her post, 42% of Californians opined in favor of resignation, while only 27% were of the view that she should complete her term. These figures underscore the growing sentiment among the state’s residents regarding Feinstein’s ability to effectively fulfill her responsibilities.



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