Chaos Unleashed: New York City Hotel Turned Migrant Shelter Descends into Lawlessness, with Shocking Reports of Inebriated Children, Reveals Former Staff Member


Former Employee Exposes Disturbing Realities: New York City’s Trendy Hotel Turned Migrant Shelter Plunges into Chaos with Underage Drinking, Drugs, and Violence

In a shocking revelation, a former employee has come forward with harrowing details of a once-fashionable New York City hotel, now transformed into a migrant housing facility, where intoxicated children, drug use, and acts of violence have become distressingly commonplace.

Row NYC hotel’s transition into a “migrant relief center.”

The announcement by New York City Mayor Eric Adams in October 2022 marked the Row NYC hotel’s transition into a “migrant relief center,” altering its purpose from a sought-after accommodation to a temporary haven for as many as 600 migrant families.

Nestled within the bustling tourist hub of Times Square, the Row NYC hotel, once known for its amenities, has closed its doors to the public, making way for the influx of displaced individuals seeking refuge.

Once boasting a gourmet food market, a fitness studio, and an internet lounge adorned with iMac computers, the hotel has now become a site of alarming incidents that have shattered its former allure.

According to a report from The New York Post, the daily weekday rates for a standard room in mid-September, just as the hotel was transitioning to accommodate migrants, ranged from $414.42 to $435.07 per night, including taxes and additional “facilities fees,” varying depending on the view.

New York City’s Staggering $4 Billion Spending Spree Revealed as Luxury Hotel Turned Migrant Shelter Spirals into Chaos

Startling revelations from the New York City comptroller in March exposed an alarming expenditure trajectory, with the city projected to surpass $4 billion in spending during the fiscal years of 2023 and 2024. One significant contract contributing to this staggering sum is the city’s $40 million agreement with Row NYC to accommodate undocumented immigrants.

Regrettably, the former epitome of luxury has devolved into a hotbed of lawlessness.

Gustavo Rosario, the manager of Iron Bar located just across the street from the 1,300-room hotel on Eighth Avenue, shared his concerns with The New York Post, stating, “It doesn’t look good. Now we open the window, and if they are smoking marijuana, all the smoke [starts] coming inside. People get uncomfortable.”

A migrant father residing at the hotel added further unsettling details, remarking, “Come around 9 or 10 p.m., it’s crazy. People [are] drinking aguardiente and smoking weed outside all night since we can’t bring that in. The police have come and pushed them out some nights, so now they gather at the corners.”

As the situation continues to deteriorate, the Row NYC’s transformation from opulence to a center of disorder serves as a stark reminder of the challenges and consequences associated with repurposing establishments to house vulnerable populations.

Disturbing Scene Unfolds: Young Adolescents Seen Engaging in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Outside Migrant Shelter, Expresses Concerned Parent

Amidst the disheartening environment surrounding the former luxury hotel turned migrant shelter, a concerned parent has shed light on a troubling reality. According to the father, he has witnessed children as young as 12 or 13 years old engaging in drinking and smoking activities outside the premises, with a particular observation of Venezuelan children in the company of adult men.

Expressing his deep apprehension, the concerned father lamented, “These kids… they don’t have structure or good role models. My kids are not allowed to follow that and hang out there. They know better.”

Disturbing Scene Unveiled: Children Engaging in Substance Abuse and Weapon Presence Found in Hotel Rooms

In a deeply troubling revelation, it has come to light that children within the confines of the NYC Row hotel have been discovered engaging in dangerous behaviors, including drinking, drug use, and the presence of weapons.

Carlos Arellano, a former employee of Row NYC, revealed to “Fox & Friends Weekend” the distressing reality of encountering approximately ten unsupervised children each day, either involved in substance abuse or consuming alcohol. Shockingly, he disclosed the presence of weapons within the rooms as well. However, due to restrictive policies, the staff is prohibited from intervening or confiscating any items.

The situation has spiraled into what can only be described as a chaotic free-for-all.

Highlighting the severity of the circumstances, Arellano recounted an alarming incident involving a 10-year-old migrant girl found intoxicated inside a hotel room at the NYC Row. Such distressing incidents underscore the urgent need for enhanced supervision, intervention, and comprehensive support systems to ensure the safety and well-being of these vulnerable children.

“Arellano alleged that there was a 10-year-old migrant girl who was intoxicated inside a hotel room at the NYC Row.”

According to Arellano, a disturbing incident occurred where a 10-year-old migrant girl was found in an intoxicated state within one of the hotel rooms at NYC Row.

“Arellano said that he found fake documents such as counterfeit passports and social security cards inside the hotel rooms.”

Arellano discovered fabricated documents, including counterfeit passports and social security cards, concealed within the hotel rooms.

“He shared photos of some hotel rooms that were trashed after the Row NYC became housing during the migrant crisis in New York City.”

Arellano provided photographic evidence depicting the deplorable state of certain hotel rooms following their utilization for housing during the migrant crisis in New York City.

“Arellano – who claimed to be a site administrator at the Row NYC – said he felt in danger ‘every day’ that he worked at the hotel.”

According to Arellano, who asserted his role as a site administrator at Row NYC, he experienced a constant sense of peril throughout his tenure at the hotel.


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