Aftermath of Plane Crash in the Everglades


Newly released footage shows the daring rescue of two victims after a small plane crash-landed and overturned in the Everglades. The incident took place in far southwestern Miami-Dade County, approximately nine miles from the nearest road.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue sprang into action, sending a helicopter to rescue the injured pilot and passenger. The rescue was considered risky, but fortunately, both individuals were found to be in stable condition.

In the newly released video, rescuers can be seen lowering a seat from the helicopter to retrieve the victims. The rescue highlights the bravery and skill of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue team in responding to emergencies in remote and challenging locations.

Performing the rescue from the helicopter was a challenging maneuver that Miami-Dade Fire Rescue executes only a few times a year. Precision was crucial in ensuring the safety of the rescue team and the victims.

According to MDFR Lt. Jason Vanbuskirk, the hoist operator and the pilot had to communicate closely to position the aircraft precisely for the rescue. The pilot was blind and relied solely on the hoist operator’s voice to guide them over the overturned plane.

After a successful rescue, the pilot and passenger were taken back to Tamiami Airport. The relief and gratitude of the victims were palpable, as they were undoubtedly relieved to be out of the treacherous Everglades.


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