Yamaha Unveils a Motorcycle That Doesn’t Tip Over and Stays Upright Even When Parked


Yamaha’s new technology will revolutionize the riding experience with a two-wheel motorcycle that won’t tip over, much to the delight of Weebles. The Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System (AMSAS) is currently in development to assist riders at low speeds. By incorporating actuators attached to the front wheel and handlebars, the system can make real-time adjustments to keep the bike upright, providing greater stability and ease of control.

Project Leader Akitoshi Suzuki stated that the most notable feature of the Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System (AMSAS) is “its approach to use an arrangement highly applicable to existing vehicles since it does not require any modifications to the frame.” The AMSAS is powered by a six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit that provides the necessary data for the system to operate effectively.

Yamaha said the front motor uses “the dynamics of an inverted pendulum,” which is like balancing a broom on your hand in a high-tech way.

Actuators attached to the front wheel and handlebars allow the bike to balance itself. (Yamaha)

That action combined with steering inputs can keep the bike upright at a near standstill or while it is rolling along, which could help riders from dropping it as they get going or are coming to a stop.

The next phase of the project is reducing the size of the equipment so that it can be better incorporated into a production motorcycle.

The project was designed with what looks like a robot rider permanently attached to it.

“Some of Motobot’s technology has been incorporated into the AMSAS,” said Project Leader Akitoshi Suzuki.


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