Discover the Exotic Tastes of Morocco at Zuri, Wynwood’s Culinary Oasis


A Culinary Voyage to Morocco in the Heart of Wynwood

Zuri, the stunning new addition to Miami’s vibrant Wynwood district, invites diners to embark on a culinary journey with its authentic Moroccan cuisine. Launched in December by a team of passionate restaurateurs, Zuri is a trailblazer, possibly the city’s first to offer a menu dedicated to the rich flavors of Morocco.

The indoor dining room and bar at Zuri, a new Moroccan restaurant in Wynwood. World Red Eye

The Artisans Behind the Flavors

At the helm of Zuri’s kitchen, executive chef Marlon Rambaron from Trinidad and Tobago, alongside Moroccan chef Keltoum Aitkadi, orchestrates a symphony of spices and aromas. Their expertise transforms family-style dishes into a celebration of cultural confluence.

Some of the items on the menu at Zuri Moroccan restaurant in Wynwood. Ruben Cabrera

A Menu That Whispers of Distant Lands

Zuri’s offerings transport diners to the heart of Morocco with dishes like zaalouk, a sumptuous Moroccan eggplant salad, and mackerel escabeche adorned with tomato. The grilled branzino with red chermoula and the pastilla, a savory chicken and almond pie, promise a feast for the senses. Not to be missed are the tagines, including the chicken and preserved lemon and the lamb and prune, each a testament to North African culinary heritage.

Sweets and Spirits: The Final Touch

The dessert menu, featuring stuffed dates, plum cake, and a classic tart tatin, offers a perfect ending to the meal. Specialty cocktails like the Pink Oasis pay homage to traditional Moroccan Atay, while the Kahua Martina adds a Moroccan twist to the espresso martini. Completing the experience is a curated Moroccan tea program.

A hallway at the Moroccan restaurant Zuri in Wynwood. World Red Eye

Authenticity in Ambiance and Hospitality

The founders’ vision of bringing “authentic Moroccan hospitality” to life is evident in every detail. David Sarkissov recalls the warmth of family gatherings at Moroccan eateries, a sentiment he is eager to share with the Miami community. “I am very excited to bring a new home-away-from-home to the Miami community,” said Sarkissov.

Zuri Moroccan restaurant is now open in Wynwood.

Designed for Comfort and Style

Zuri spans 3,000 square feet, accommodating 150 guests within its artfully designed interior and outdoor garden terrace. The décor weaves together North African, Mediterranean, and Arabic influences, creating an enchanting setting complete with Moroccan-style pillows, a marble bar, and a semi-private dining area for intimate gatherings.

ZURI: 73 NW 26th St., Miami

Hours: 6-11 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday; bar open until 2 a.m. Friday-Saturday




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