2024 Market Meltdown: Forewarned ‘Greatest Crash in History,’ Says US Economist


Economic Prognosis: A Storm on the Horizon

As we inch towards 2024, economist Harry Dent shares a stark forecast for the markets. Speaking to Fox News Digital, Dent didn’t mince words: “Since 2009, this has been 100% artificial, unprecedented money printing and deficits; $27 trillion over 15 years, to be exact. This is off the charts, 100% artificial, which means we’re in a dangerous state,” he remarked. “I think 2024 is going to be the biggest single crash year we’ll see in our lifetimes.”

“I think 2024 is going to be the biggest single crash year we’ll see in our lifetimes.” Dent stated.

Dent, known for his contrarian outlooks, awaits the crash with open arms. “I’m the guy that’s praying for a crash while everybody else is not. We need to get back down to normal, and we need to send a message to central banks,” he elaborated. This downturn, Dent hopes, will teach a lasting financial lesson.

The ‘Everything Bubble’: A Ticking Time Bomb

After years of inflated markets and excess stimulus, Dent’s prediction stands firm—an “everything bubble” is set to explode in 2024. He warns, “This should be a lesson I don’t think we’ll ever revisit. I don’t think we’ll ever see a bubble for any of our lifetimes again.”

Historic Downturn: An Impending Reality

Dent traces the bubble’s roots back to late 2021, post-COVID, with signs emerging in 2022 as Nasdaq tumbled by 38%. “This is the one time I’m telling you, do not listen to your financial adviser. Things are not going to come back to normal in a few years. We may never see these levels again. And this crash is not going to be a correction. It’s going to be more in the ’29 to ’32 level. And anybody who sat through that would have shot their stockbroker,” Dent cautioned.

Real Estate: A Harsh Awakening

Dent predicts real estate will take a historic hit, with a projected 50% plummet, surpassing the Great Depression’s impact. “That is what’s going to hurt people the most,” he warned.

Dent criticizes the recent market rally, urging caution and action: “Get out of the way.” As the Dow Jones sets new records, Dent sees this as a second chance for investors to exit the market.

Fed’s Signals: False Hope?

The Federal Reserve’s hints at rate cuts don’t sway Dent’s forecast. He sees no “soft landing,” predicting that current policies will plunge the economy into a depression.

Consumer Impact: A Silver Lining?

Despite the gloom, Dent sees an opportunity in the aftermath of the crash. “Imagine, not only can you buy the house you want at half-off… you can buy twice as nice a house here for the same mortgage you were going to get before,” he suggests, finding a ray of hope in the chaos.

The “everything” bubble’s burst, according to Dent, will usher in a long economic winter, potentially exacerbating the wealth gap. But he also foresees a recovery led by the millennial generation, marking a period where the middle class may regain ground.


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