UFC Legend Khabib Nurmagomedov on Gender: “I See Only Women and Men”


Khabib’s Take on Gender Debates

In a recent interview with Valuetainment, UFC Hall of Fame’s Khabib Nurmagomedov expressed his candid views on the hot topic of gender ideology. The undefeated champ’s comments, especially on genderless bathrooms in California, have since been making headlines.

Podcaster and entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David curiously probed Khabib about the vast spectrum of gender identities embraced by American culture. With a jovial tone, David quizzed, “In America we have a few hundred genders. How many genders do you guys have in Russia?”

“I see only women and men, there is no in-between,” stated Khabib

Caught off guard, Khabib laughed heartily, gesturing in mock surrender. “I see only women and men, there is no in-between,” he candidly replied, a sentiment met with roaring applause from the audience.

A Bathroom Encounter in California

Khabib then delved into his recent California escapade where he encountered an “all gender” bathroom – a concept he found bewildering. “I was in a coffee shop and was directed to two ‘all gender’ bathrooms. I paused, wondering where the separate ones for men and women were,” Khabib recounted with a hint of amusement.

Drawing from his roots, Khabib explained, “I grew up in a very traditional place, with a very traditional family. I’m content with that. I hail from vast mountains, and we recognize only two genders.”

Bet-David, playing along, added, “In American cities, there might be 40 or 50 genders. Math seems crucial here.”

With a playful smile, Khabib responded, “I have to tread cautiously.”

Rooted in Tradition

Hailing from Dagestan, a diverse region in southern Russia, Khabib’s perspective is shaped by his upbringing. Dominated by Islamic ethnicities, a staggering 83% of Dagestan’s populace identified as Muslim as of 2012.


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