Trump’s Tweet Shatters Records: Over 211 Million Views in a Day


A Triumphant Return

In an astounding return to social media, former President Donald Trump’s latest tweet skyrocketed to over 211 million views within a mere 24 hours.

On X, the platform we formerly recognized as Twitter, Trump’s tweet isn’t just setting records; the numbers are still soaring. Remember, Trump’s active presence on Twitter was halted post the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol events. Though Elon Musk’s acquisition led to the account’s reinstatement, Trump had stayed away. Until now.

The Tweet That’s Talk of the Town

Making headlines, Trump’s Thursday tweet unveils a mug shot – a stoic and determined Trump staring back. Emblazoned with the words “ELECTION INTERFERENCE” and “NEVER SURRENDER!”, it doesn’t end there. A direct link guides followers to a fundraising page.

His clear message? “If you are struggling due to the current administration, save your funds! But if you’re in a position to help, let’s work together to usher in a new chapter for America.”

Musk Chimes In

Amid the storm of reactions, Elon Musk chimed in. Highlighting the tweet’s traction, he remarked, “Approximately 10 million views per hour of this image.” Not one to shy from expressing admiration, Musk acknowledged Trump’s impeccable knack for branding, even echoing a sentiment naming Trump a “PR savant.”

Polls suggest a promising path for Trump, hinting he might just clinch the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination with ease.



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