The Stunning Transformation of the FBI and CIA Becoming Woke


The Infiltration of Critical Theory

A seismic shift has occurred within America’s intelligence community, tracing its roots back to a covert Soviet campaign. A leader of the Soviet Communist International once boldly declared, “We will make America stink.” This ominous vow set in motion a strategy that infiltrated American academia with critical theories aimed not just at critiquing but dismantling the very fabric of U.S. society — family, faith, and founding principles.

A leader of the Soviet Communist International once boldly declared, “We will make America stink.”

The evolution of critical race theory and critical law theory, spewing concepts like “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” and weaponizing the legal industry, originated from this insidious plot. A century ago, at the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow, key figures such as Hungarian Bolshevik György Lukacs and Communist International strategist Willi Münzenberg devised tactics to infiltrate and corrode American values.

J. Edgar Hoover: America’s First Line of Defense

In the early 20th century, a young Justice Department official, J. Edgar Hoover, emerged as America’s bulwark against communist and anarchist threats. His mission was clear: identify, apprehend, and deport foreign agents seeking to undermine the U.S. Over the decades, Hoover repeatedly warned against communist subversion in various American institutions.

Despite his personal controversies, Hoover was undeniably a patriot, deeply aware of foreign-led subversion. He crafted the FBI not just as a crime-fighting agency but as a shield against foreign agents threatening the American way of life.

The FBI’s Transformation Under Obama and Beyond

However, the FBI today bears little resemblance to the institution Hoover envisioned. This change gained traction under President Barack Obama, who openly spoke of his intellectual roots in Herbert Marcuse’s works, a founding father of critical theory and a known Comintern operative.

Obama’s administration, heavily influenced by Marcuse’s ideology, infused critical legal theory and critical race theory throughout the government. The FBI, long politicized at its upper echelons, became ripe for Marxist critical infiltration. Obama’s 2011 diversity executive order further entrenched these ideologies at every government level.

Under directors like James Comey and Christopher Wray, the FBI’s transformation accelerated. Wray, in particular, embraced “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) and queer theory as integral to the FBI’s mission, appointing a DEI extremist as the bureau’s chief diversity officer and mandating controversial training programs.

The Consequences of Blending Intelligence and Ideology

The attacks of September 11, 2001, marked a significant shift in American intelligence, effectively merging the FBI with other intelligence agencies under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. This consolidation, initially aimed at preventing terrorism, became a tool for ideological imposition under Obama, continuing through the Trump administration and intensifying under Biden.

A Call to Action

The infiltration of Marxist critical theory into America’s intelligence apparatus, a stark departure from J. Edgar Hoover’s vision, poses a profound challenge. With the FBI and CIA undergoing drastic ideological shifts, the question remains: Is there still time to reverse this course and restore the fundamental principles that once guided these critical institutions?



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