Sonic Employee Arrested as Customer Finds Cocaine While Biting Into Hot Dog, Police Report Reveals


Fast-Food Nightmare: Sonic Employee Arrested as Customer Discovers Cocaine in Hot Dog Order, Police Uncover Shocking Details

In a stunning turn of events that unfolded in New Mexico, an employee of the renowned fast-food chain Sonic has been apprehended following a deeply disturbing incident. According to law enforcement officials, a customer made an alarming discovery while biting into their hot dog—a bag of cocaine was found nestled within their order.

A customer made an alarming discovery while biting into their hot dog—a bag of cocaine was found nestled within their order.

The incident occurred on May 30, around 3 p.m., when a female customer visited the Sonic fast-food restaurant located in the San Pedro community. Ordering a classic “coney” hot dog topped with chili and cheese, she received her meal via the Sonic drive-thru.

As she took a bite into the hot dog, her shock and horror were immediate. A plastic bag containing a white powder was inadvertently chewed upon. Although the woman confirmed that she did not ingest any of the substance, she wasted no time in contacting the authorities to report the tainted hot dog incident, as detailed in the incident report from the Espanola Police Department.

The suspicious bag discovered on the hot dog contained “illegal narcotics.”

Law enforcement subsequently determined that the suspicious bag discovered on the hot dog contained “illegal narcotics.” A field test confirmed the substance to be none other than cocaine, adding a disturbing layer of gravity to the situation.

Sonic Employee Arrested: 54-Year-Old Jeffrey David Salazar in Custody, Affidavit Reveals Disturbing Surveillance Footage

Following a thorough investigation, the Espanola Police Department has successfully apprehended 54-year-old Sonic employee, Jeffrey David Salazar. Recent developments shed light on the shocking incident that transpired within the fast-food establishment.

As per the arrest warrant affidavit, surveillance footage captured Salazar engaging in what appeared to be a clandestine transaction with a female coworker. The video then showed Salazar proceeding to prepare a customer’s order before exhibiting signs of distress while frantically searching his work area as if in pursuit of a lost item.

During subsequent questioning by authorities, Salazar made a startling admission. He confessed to purchasing cocaine from an individual in the Sonic parking lot, providing further insight into the alarming circumstances surrounding the case.

Salazar now faces a felony charge for the possession of a controlled substance, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the legal consequences he may now encounter.

Espanola Police Department Commends Sonic Management for Swift Cooperation in Investigation

The Espanola Police Department has expressed gratitude towards the management of the Sonic restaurant for their prompt response in the unfolding case. Working hand in hand with law enforcement, the fast-food establishment’s management proved instrumental by providing crucial surveillance footage that allegedly implicated Salazar, the arrested employee.

Meanwhile, the customer involved in the incident has sought legal representation from Merit Bennet of the esteemed Bennett Law Group. Bennet has stated their intention to file a claim once the reports pertaining to the incident are fully corroborated, as reported by the Daily Mail.

In a separate unfortunate incident earlier this week, Sonic once again made headlines when an employee was viciously assaulted by irate customers. The manager of a Sonic fast-food restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sustained severe injuries when two enraged customers violently attacked him following a food order error. These distressing events serve as a reminder of the challenges faced within the fast-food industry and the importance of ensuring a safe environment for both employees and customers alike.


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