Shockwaves in Seattle: Teacher Claims ‘Straight’ Identity is Offensive, Sparks Uproar


Chief Sealth High’s Ian Golash Under Fire for Allegedly Politicizing Classroom.

A seismic shift is occurring at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle, where a history teacher’s controversial approach to teaching sexual orientation and gender identity has ignited a firestorm of debate and concern.

Teacher’s Radical Stance on Heterosexuality

Ian Golash, the social studies department chair, is at the center of the controversy. He allegedly told students that identifying as “straight” is offensive, a statement that has reverberated through the community. A concerned parent, wishing to remain anonymous, has raised serious objections, providing insights into Golash’s classroom methods.

A “Social Identity Wheel” worksheet assigned to students at Chief Sealth International High School asks children to reflect on their various identities. (“The Jason Rantz Show” on KTTH)

The Social Identity Wheel Assignment

In a 10th grade class assignment titled “Social Identity Wheel,” students were encouraged to explore various aspects of their identity. The worksheet covered a range of topics, from race and ethnicity to gender, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation. The parent reported that her 15-year-old son labeled himself “straight,” prompting Golash to suggest he choose a less offensive term.

The parent reported that her 15-year-old son labeled himself “straight,” prompting Golash to suggest he choose a less offensive term.

Parental Concerns Escalate

The situation escalated as the mother expressed her dismay in an email to school officials. She emphasized the inappropriateness of dictating student self-identification, challenging the school’s approach to sensitive topics. Golash’s response, thanking the mother for her feedback, denied targeting any specific student but admitted he prefers not to use the term “straight” due to its potential negative connotations.

Classroom Discussion Sparks Further Controversy

Another incident reportedly occurred during a classroom discussion about Florida’s educational policies. The mother claimed Golash accused her son, who was uninformed on the topic, of being a “product of the patriarchy,” further fueling the ongoing debate about the teacher’s methods and the broader implications for educational freedom and fairness.

Seattle School’s Troubled History with Controversial Topics

This is not the first instance of controversy surrounding Golash’s classroom. Previously, he allegedly failed a student for stating that only women can get pregnant, drawing criticism from parents and the broader community. Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is currently investigating two complaints against Golash, involving both the quiz and an incident involving an antisemitic curriculum.

Parent’s Outcry Over Ideological Indoctrination

According to the mother, Golash’s classroom has become a battleground of ideological indoctrination, suppressing open dialogue and pushing personal agendas. She accuses him of attempting to censor student language and dictating what students should think, creating an intolerant learning environment.

School’s Response to Allegations

In response to the allegations, the school has denied any name-calling occurred, contradicting previous reports from the mother’s husband about an incident involving derogatory remarks. SPS has not provided further clarification on these conflicting reports.


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