Russell Crowe and Girlfriend Denied Entry at Australian Restaurant Over Dress Code


After Mr. Miyagi Japanese eatery in Melbourne admitted that they refused to serve actor Russell Crowe, they clarified that they treat all their customers equally.

Actor Russell Crowe and his girlfriend Britney Theriot were denied entry to a Japanese fusion restaurant in Melbourne, Australia because they allegedly did not comply with the restaurant’s “smart casual” dress code. According to Crowe’s manager Grant Vandenberg, the couple had attempted to dine at the Mr. Miyagi establishment after a game of tennis, with Crowe wearing a new Ralph Lauren polo shirt. The restaurant’s website specifies that flip-flops and athletic wear are not permitted inside the premises. Despite the initial rejection, Crowe and the restaurant have been in contact with each other.

“Turned away for wearing
slobby gym gear.”

According to the Daily Mail, owner Kristian Klein of Mr. Miyagi Japanese eatery told the Daily Herald that the management treats “everyone the same” and that Russell Crowe and his girlfriend were turned away for wearing “slobby gym gear.” “It doesn’t matter who you are or if you are Russell Crowe,” he said. “We’ve got a dress code that we push across every level.”

Russell and Crowe enjoyed some time together, on and off the court (Picture: Splash News)

Klein emphasized that they are not trying to teach people how to dress, but that he personally wouldn’t go to a nice restaurant in his thongs and boardies because he wouldn’t be dressed appropriately.

“It doesn’t matter who you are
or if you are Russell Crowe.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Klein revealed that the staff member who denied service to the couple did not recognize Crowe.

“We’d love for him to come back for dinner,” Klein expressed his desire for Russell Crowe to return. Caitlyn Jenner and Rita Ora had also faced similar refusals in the past for not complying with the dress code. Ora had declined to name the restaurant but confirmed it was owned by Gordon Ramsay. In 2021, Jenner had also criticized the Beverly Hills Hotel for barring her from dining there because of her ripped jeans.


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