Hamas Leader Saleh Arouri Reportedly Assassinated in Beirut Blast


A Fatal Blow: Hezbollah Media Reports Hamas Leader’s Death

Hezbollah-affiliated media outlets have reported a significant development in the Middle East conflict: the death of Hamas deputy leader Saleh Arouri following an air strike in Beirut’s Dahiyeh suburb.

Israel’s Denial and Surgical Precision: The Official Stance

While Israeli officials have publicly denied any involvement in the strike, the precision of the attack has been noted. “Israel has not taken responsibility for this attack. But whoever did it must be clear that this was not an attack on the Lebanese state,” said Ambassador Mark Regev, an adviser to Netanyahu, during an MSNBC interview.

Regev elaborated, “It was not even an attack on Hezbollah terrorist organization. Whoever did this did a surgical strike against the Hamas leadership.”

The Target: Saleh Arouri’s Militant Legacy

Saleh Arouri, a founding member of Hamas’ military wing, is recognized for orchestrating the group’s activities within the West Bank. His death comes amid the ongoing conflict that has seen Israel intensify its efforts to dismantle the Hamas leadership.

The Aftermath: Striking at the Core of Hamas

The explosion that allegedly took the life of Arouri and three others has not been directly addressed by Israeli officials. However, the Israeli Defense Forces have been targeting Hamas offices, consistent with statements made by Netanyahu threatening action against Arouri and other key figures in Hamas.


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