GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley vows to cut billions in foreign aid to China and other US adversaries, putting America’s interests first


Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley is boldly challenging the Washington establishment’s long-standing foreign aid policies, vowing to end the practice of sending billions of taxpayer dollars to “anti-American countries and causes,” and criticizing both Democratic and Republican administrations for their handling of foreign aid. In a recent op-ed for the New York Post, Haley pointed out that the US spent $46 billion last year aiding countries like Iraq, Pakistan, and even China, and argued that such policies are outdated, operating on autopilot with no consideration for the conduct of recipient countries. Haley is determined to put an end to these “global giveaways” and is confident that a strong and determined president is needed to achieve this goal.

Haley is determined to put an end to
these “global giveaways”

As a former US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley has singled out aid to Iraq and Pakistan – countries where terrorist organizations thrive and governments are not pro-America – and criticized the Biden administration for restoring funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which she believes covers “deeply anti-Semitic propaganda against our ally Israel.” Haley’s experience in international diplomacy has given her a unique perspective on the dangers of funding nations and organizations that undermine US interests and allies, and she is determined to put an end to these practices as President.

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley gives a speech in the middle of Royal Flooring in Urbandale on Monday, February 20, 2023. Margaret Kispert/The Register

Nikki Haley is steadfast in her commitment to protecting American interests and is appalled by the fact that American taxpayers are still funding Communist China for environmental programs, despite China’s blatant disregard for American interests. Haley has also taken issue with the US giving aid to Belarus, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s closest ally, and to Communist Cuba – a state designated as a sponsor of terrorism by the US government. As a presidential candidate, Haley has promised to cut all foreign aid to countries that are hostile towards the US, sending a clear message that America’s resources should be directed towards serving its own people, rather than being used to fund foreign adversaries.

Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley listens to remarks during a United Nations Security Council meeting on North Korea (Getty)

Nikki Haley firmly believes that a strong and proud America does not fund hostile nations and waste taxpayers’ hard-earned money. As a presidential candidate, she is determined to be a leader who stands up to America’s enemies and stands beside its friends. Haley has made it clear that, if elected, she will prioritize American interests above all else and cut foreign aid to nations that do not share this priority. Joining the 2024 Republican primary, Haley is confident that she can be the kind of president that America needs, and is not afraid to challenge the establishment to achieve this goal. With the race expected to draw many candidates, including former President Donald Trump, Haley welcomes the competition and is ready to prove her worth to the American people.


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