Florida’s Top Cop Slams Reality Check on Border Crisis Deniers


Grand Jury Scrutinizes Immigration Impact

TAMPA, Fla. — Over a year into the statewide grand jury’s inquiry into illegal immigration’s ramifications, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd steps into the spotlight, offering his forthright perspective on the critical border situation.

On the Frontline: Sheriff Judd’s Candid Take

Sheriff Judd, a figure synonymous with directness and an unwavering stance on law enforcement, not only contributes to the conservative dialogue but actively shapes it in his community. His recent insights shed light on the intricate web of issues surrounding illegal immigration — issues that he says some are choosing to ignore.

Stationed at the grand jury’s home base, Sheriff Judd’s department has spent countless hours gathering insights from those on the inside track of illegal immigration — from the dangers of human trafficking to the exploitation loopholes, and the toll on unaccompanied migrant children.

A Voice of Authority Amid Controversy

Judd, an outspoken advocate for Governor Ron DeSantis’ immigration policies, stands firmly with the state’s controversial stance, despite not being able to divulge his confidential testimony. “The daily problems I witness are a stark reminder of our border crisis — a reality some sadly refuse to acknowledge,” Judd asserts.

“The daily problems I witness are a stark reminder of our border crisis — a reality some sadly refuse to acknowledge,” Judd asserts.

Strategic Recommendations and the Path Forward

The grand jury’s output thus far? Five reports with a spectrum of strategies aimed at staunching the flow of illegal immigration — from imposing remittance taxes to tightening the reins on aid to migrant minors.

When probed on implementation without discrimination, Judd clarifies, “Our mission is to target crime, not individuals. It’s the lawbreakers hiding among us that we seek, not the law-abiding immigrants.”

Contrasting Judd’s view is John Barry, an immigration lawyer, who argues that the state’s current trajectory instills fear rather than fostering safety, serving political ends over pragmatic solutions.

Policy or Politics?

Barry critiques the grand jury’s motivations, suggesting they’re politically charged maneuvers aligned with Governor DeSantis’ rumored higher aspirations, rather than genuine immigration reform.

The Sheriff’s Final Word on Immigration Policy

Sheriff Judd holds fast to the principle of legality: “Abide by the laws of any land you enter. To avoid worry, enter legally,” he advises.

The grand jury’s tenure now stretches to April 2024, with its recommendations poised for legislative scrutiny — the final hurdle before they can take effect.


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