Explosive Revelation: Former Intelligence Chief Asserts Lab Leak as Only Plausible Explanation for COVID-19


Former DNI John Ratcliffe Set to Drop Bombshell Testimony on COVID-19 Origins Before House Subcommittee.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe makes a bombshell revelation in exclusive testimony: Lab leak the ‘only explanation’ for global COVID-19 pandemic, backed by U.S. intelligence and ‘numerous, diverse and unassailable’ sources.

“In an exclusive scoop, Fox News obtained Former DNI Ratcliffe’s prepared testimony, revealing the ‘only plausible assessment’: COVID-19 originated from a Chinese Communist Party-controlled lab, supported by ‘numerous, diverse and unassailable’ sources.

The ‘only plausible assessment’: COVID-19 originated from a Chinese Communist Party-controlled lab, supported by ‘numerous, diverse and unassailable’ sources, the testimony states.

Ratcliffe also raises concerns about the Biden administration’s response to the assessment, suggesting that they are avoiding confronting the “enormous geopolitical implications” associated with the lab leak theory. His testimony is anticipated to shed light on the pressing issue of COVID-19 origins and its potential impact on global politics.

“My informed assessment, as a person with as much or more access than anyone to our government’s intelligence during the initial year of the virus outbreak and pandemic onset, has been and continues to be that a lab leak is the only explanation credibly supported by our intelligence, by science and by common sense,” Ratcliffe is expected to emphatically state.

During his testimony before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Ratcliffe will further explain that when comparing the U.S. intelligence and evidence supporting a lab leak theory with the “naturally occurring ‘spillover’ theory,” the former is overwhelmingly supported while the latter lacks substantial evidence.

Highlighting China’s obstruction of investigations into the origins of the virus, Ratcliffe will assert that China has been “incapable of offering a single shred of exculpatory evidence.” His testimony is expected to shed light on the lack of cooperation from China in determining the true origins of COVID-19.


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