Death of Argentine Model in Mexico Sparks Controversy: Suicide or Murder? Family Claims to Know the Truth


The shocking death of Agostina Jalabert has rocked the community in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The 31-year-old Argentine model was discovered lifeless in her apartment, prompting authorities to rule her death as a suicide. However, her family is not convinced and alleges that she was murdered.

Her family is not convinced and alleges that she was murdered.

According to Candela Jalabert, Agostina’s younger sister, police had already visited the apartment before the tragic discovery. Neighbors had reported hearing screams on two separate occasions, raising suspicions that something sinister may have been afoot.

As investigators piece together the events leading up to Agostina’s death, her family is adamant that foul play was involved. They claim to know the identity of the perpetrator and are urging authorities to investigate further. The tragic loss of this talented and beloved model has left many questions unanswered, and the search for the truth continues.

The events leading up to Agostina Jalabert’s death are shrouded in mystery, and conflicting accounts have only added to the confusion. When Candela Jalabert attempted to enter her sister’s apartment using a security code, she was unable to gain access. She then resorted to banging on the door, and it was Agostina’s boyfriend, Juan Reverter, who answered.

According to MEAWW, Edgardo Jalabert, the father of the deceased model, recounted the harrowing discovery made by Candela. He stated that the family dog drew Candela’s attention to the bathroom, where she found her sister sitting in the bathtub, her hands wrapped in a towel. Juan Reverter had allegedly told Candela that Agostina was sleeping, but this was clearly not the case.

As the investigation into Agostina’s death continues, the family’s suspicions of foul play have not been assuaged. They are calling for a thorough investigation and hope that justice will be served for their beloved Agostina.

Agostina Jalabert’s family is still grappling with the tragic loss of their beloved daughter and sister. The circumstances surrounding her death have raised many questions, and her family is determined to seek answers.

According to Agostina’s father, Edgardo Jalabert, her sister Candela made the heartbreaking discovery. The family dog, Bruna, led Candela to the bathroom, where she found Agostina hanging from the towel rack. She was sitting or semi-sitting, just a few feet from the floor, and had suffered injuries of various kinds.

Agostina’s uncle, Germán Jalabert, has spoken out about the implausibility of suicide, given the position in which Agostina was found. The towel rack was only four feet from the ground, and it seems unlikely that a person could hang themselves from a height lower than their own.

Despite Candela’s valiant efforts to revive her sister, it was too late, and Agostina had already passed away. The family’s search for the truth continues, and they hope that justice will be served for Agostina.

Agostina Jalabert’s family is expressing their frustration and disappointment with the handling of her case by Mexican authorities. Agostina’s uncle, Germán Jalabert, has criticized the lack of basic investigation protocols. He stated that Agostina’s boyfriend was not taken into custody, and his phone was not confiscated. Additionally, no toxicological tests were performed, and there was no verification of whether he had any injuries.

The family’s suspicions are growing, and they believe that Agostina’s boyfriend may have played a role in her death. Edgardo Jalabert, Agostina’s father, shared that the autopsy results indicate that this is a case of femicide, given the injuries that his daughter sustained.

The family is calling for a thorough investigation into Agostina’s death and is hoping that justice will be served. They want to ensure that whoever is responsible for their daughter’s tragic and untimely death is held accountable.

The Jalabert family’s lawyer, Betina Teuly, is confident that there is compelling evidence to prove that Agostina was murdered by her boyfriend.

The Jalabert family’s lawyer, Betina Teuly, is confident that there is compelling evidence to prove that Agostina was murdered by her boyfriend, Juan Reverter. However, despite the family’s strong suspicions and calls for justice, Mexican authorities have yet to charge Reverter with any crime.

Teuly is now urging Argentina’s Foreign Ministry to intervene and pressure Mexican authorities to reclassify the case as a femicide rather than a suicide. The prosecutor’s office in Mexico is reportedly still investigating the circumstances surrounding Agostina’s unexpected and tragic death.

Meanwhile, Reverter has been conspicuously absent from public view since Agostina’s passing. The Jalabert family and their legal team are determined to continue their fight for justice and to ensure that Agostina’s memory is honored by uncovering the truth behind her untimely demise.

The family of Agostina Jalabert (left) suspects that her boyfriend Juan Reverter (right) may have murdered the 31-year-old model at the Playa del Carmen apartment the were living in together since December, when he went to visit her and resumed the relationship that had been broke off since June 2021

According to El Pais, Edgardo Jalabert expressed his frustration that Juan Reverter has disappeared and not made any effort to reach out to the family following Agostina’s death. “Now he’s gone and we don’t know his whereabouts,” he stated. “He never contacted us to give an explanation, since he was the person with whom she lived for the last two months.”

Betina Teuly, the family’s lawyer, was even more scathing in her assessment of Reverter’s behavior. “He ran like a coward,” she said, adding that the family believes he may have fled to Asia, San Francisco, or Canada, where he previously lived.

Edgardo also revealed that Agostina had broken up with Reverter in June 2021 but had reconciled with him in December of the same year. Reverter moved in with her around Christmas, just weeks before her untimely death. The Jalabert family is determined to uncover the truth behind Agostina’s passing and to ensure that justice is served, even if it means pursuing Reverter to the ends of the earth.


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