Atlanta’s Highly Anticipated Police Training Facility, “Cop City,” Set On Fire By Domestic Terrorists


Tensions boiled over as law enforcement officers clashed with protesters at the site of Atlanta’s future Public Safety Training Center, the very location that is intended to equip officers with the skills necessary to maintain order and defuse tense situations.

On Sunday evening in Georgia, billows of smoke and towering flames erupted from equipment at the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, ominously nicknamed “Cop City.” FOX 5 Atlanta captured the alarming scene, featuring a bulldozer and other machinery engulfed in flames, and a swath of grass consumed by the inferno. The disturbing footage underscores the scale of the damage inflicted by the blaze and the urgent need to investigate the cause of the incident. With the fate of the city’s flagship police training facility hanging in the balance, residents of Atlanta can only hope for swift answers and decisive action to prevent such an unfortunate incident from happening again in the future.

Georgia State Trooper claimed a Molotov cocktail was hurled during the heated confrontation

The disturbing video footage also captured a heavy police presence at the scene, with Georgia State Troopers skillfully maneuvering their squad cars to keep bystanders away from the raging inferno. Despite their efforts, tensions between law enforcement and protesters were palpable, and clashes reportedly erupted between the two groups in the southeast section of Atlanta on Key Road, where the facility is located. FOX 5, which had earlier captured the stunning footage of the blaze, reported that one Georgia State Trooper claimed a Molotov cocktail was hurled during the heated confrontation, heightening fears of further violence and damage to property. The incident has sent shockwaves throughout the city and underscored the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the deep-seated issues at the heart of the conflict between law enforcement and the community they serve.

As the investigation into the incident at “Cop City” continues, city officials and the Atlanta Police Department have yet to provide any official statement on the matter, leaving many residents concerned about the future of law enforcement in their community.

The blaze comes amid ongoing protests against the construction of the new police training facility, with activists objecting to the allocation of $90 million in taxpayer funds for a project they claim will be used to practice “urban warfare.” These “forest defenders” have also expressed concerns about the environmental impact of the facility’s construction, citing the loss of trees and other natural resources.

Despite the City Council’s hopes that the training center would replace substandard offerings and boost police morale in the aftermath of the George Floyd protests of 2020, the opposition to “Cop City” underscores the deep divisions within the community over the role of law enforcement and the need for reform.

According to FOX 5, protesters have been camping out in the section of forest designated for the new police and fire department training facility since June 2021.

The opposition to “Cop City” has been met with a harsh response from law enforcement officials, with at least 19 individuals arrested and charged with domestic terrorism since December 2021. The facility, located on 85 wooded acres in southwestern DeKalb County, has been the site of ongoing clashes between protesters and police.

The situation escalated in January 2022 when a violent riot erupted in downtown Atlanta following the shooting of 26-year-old environmental activist Manuel Esteban Paez Teran by Georgia State Patrol. Teran, who identified as non-binary and went by the name Tortuguita, allegedly shot a trooper in the abdomen before being fatally shot by law enforcement officials.

The incident has further deepened the divide between those who oppose the construction of “Cop City” and law enforcement officials, highlighting the urgent need for dialogue and reform in the Atlanta community.

Several days after the incident, protesters in downtown Atlanta set a police cruiser ablaze, hurled rocks, and ignited fireworks outside a skyscraper that serves as the headquarters of the Atlanta Police Foundation.


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